Project Description

BenQ is the Taiwan multinational company which was estabished in 2001. The company is focusing on buying and selling high-tech products, consumer electronics, computers and connected devices such as TFL LCD, camera, smartphone… BenQ is one of Taiwan’s largest corporations with more than 100,000 employees.

BenQ is using many systems to manage the trading transaction like SSO, Inventory system and security system. Therefore, the company needs an ecommerce solution that allows the bussiness to centralize management systems and simplified the management process.


  • Use SSO model
  • Unique and specific website design
  • Connect other business existing system to ecommerce solution Centralize the information on the single ecommerce solution Security all activities and information arising in ecommerce transac- tion
  • Enhance user experience Emphasis the BenQ brand name Quality and stabilization
  • High speed processing of thousands of transactions at the same time


Ecommage has been successfully developed the ecommerce system for BenQ, which can visit at The system can connect to and use the information of other existing BenQ’s systems which lever- ages the user experience. After launching the ecommerce solution, BenQ gets many transactions through their website and the brand name has a strong impressive in the customer mind.