Project Description

Rodalink Group was established in 1997 and has become the biggest retail company providing bicycle in Indonesia. Rodalink belongs to Insera Sena Group which is one of the biggest bicycle manufactures in Asia.
After years, Rodalink has expended their business into other countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia. Rodalink Group is operating in 3 main countries, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia with many bicycle stores nowadays. The company’s strategy is to focus on ecommerce which helps to expend the market share and leverage the business.


  • Multi Website with Middleware model
  • The ecommerce solution can connect to the existing inventory & store management system
  • Consistentcy to the long-term development of the business. Emphasis Rodalink branding name
  • Security all activities and information arising in ecommerce transaction Quality and stabilization


Ecommage is proud of to transfer the ecommerce solution to Rodalink  which meets their strickly quality demand. This ecommerce solution also  meets their flexibility requirement and fit to the long-term strategy of the  business. The system has been operated smoothly since 2017 and has  gotten the positive feedback from customer.

The site on each country as following: