Project Description

Radius is a coporation in Malaysia, providing utility services via mobile applications. Radius creates a service ecosystem that allows customers to enjoy choices such as driver service, house cleaning, child care, beauty care and many other services.

Radius allows service providers to register their services on the mobile app so that users can easily choose.

With hundreds of service suppliers and thousands of accesses each day, Radius requires their systems to be large enough to accommodate the large amount of data and concurrent users. Moreover, managers also need a smart and detailed reporting system to effectively manage the business performance of Radius and their service providers on their mobile applications


  • Use Mobile app by React Native with Magento backend Model
  • Manage service of suppliers
  • Manage suppliers’ quality and performance
  • Automate introduce and recommend service suppliers for customers based on the customer behavior
  • Build a large infrastructure system to meet service storage and operation
  • Ensure safety and confidentiality of suppliers and customers’ information


Radius mobile application system has been put into operation and has been highly appreciated by customers