Project Description

Kowil Fashion is a brand belonging to Phu Thai Holdings with the desire to bring a valuable Vietnamese fashion solution through exploiting the strength of fashion technology. Kowil creates an ecosystem of fashion, allowing customers to freely choose clothes for work, home, sports, accessories and many other convenient services.

Kowil’s brand system includes: Owen, Winny, Dunlop, BHPC, Knot, Munsingwear, any FAM. With more than 1000+ points of sale spread over 63 provinces, Kowil allows customers to experience shopping in the comfortable space, quality with the best customer service.

With hundreds of providers and thousands of accesses per day, Kowil requires the system to be large enough to accommodate the amount of data and users. At the same time, ensuring uninterrupted user access provides personalized online experiences for each customer. The system allows for smooth production distribution operations, saving time among departments. Simultaneously flexibly integrate with third parties along with providing detailed intelligent reporting system to leverage maximum business operations.


  • Use magento as a centralized e-commerce solution
  • The e-commerce solution can be intergated with other big data system such as ERP, CRM, CDP
  • The system meets the long-term orientation of the business
  • Emphasize and highlight the Kowil brand name
  • Security for all transactions made on the website
  • Ensuring the quality and stability of the e-commerce solution


The website has met the expectations of fashion lovers. The system helps Kowil expand the business model and reach out to many new customers in the market.