Project Description

EZAuto is a used car auction project that allows used car suppliers to post their car products on the websites and then appraisers from EZ Auto will appraise and offer the last bidding prices for each of those cars.

Each car will be auctioned for each 2 hours auction session. After the auction ends, the successful bidder will be connected to the Malaysian government system to convert vehicle ownership registration.

EZ Auto needs a system to store large information and respond to large visits in a short time according to each auction. In addition, the system must keep the information secure in order to connect to the Malaysian government information system to perform necessary services such as changing owners and registering new owners for customers.


  • Allows customers to register for cars aution
  • Allows customers to access and auction cars by session
  • Allows to set up new auctions for products that have not been successfully auctioned yet
  • Connects to Malaysian government information systems
  • The infrastructure is large enough to handle operating the big data car auction system.


The EZ Auto auction system is a large system and is well received by many customers with many positive reviews.