Project Description

CJ Group is the multinational corporation which was established in 1953 and  its head quater located in Seoul, South Korea. CJ Group is one of the most big-  gest corporation in South Korea. The company revenue was 25.1 billion USD  in 2017. CJ Group is operating their trading in many industries, such as food &

beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, entertainment, online shoping and  logistic.

Before 2016, CJ Group operated the trading in the South East Asia through  many chanel promotions, TV shopping and stores. To broaden the market share,  CJ Group planed to transfer the trading focusing on ecommerce so that custom-  ers can be easy to reach to the CJ Group products. Also, the priority was to con-  nect the ecommerce solution to the existing huge CJ’s management system, so  that to ensure the centralization and simpified in the management process.

Ecommage has accompanied with CJ Group in this strategy, starting from build-  ing the ecommerce solution with 2 websites such as CJ Wow-shop and CJ Oshoping



  • Use Middleware model
  • Unique website design for each brand’s product name
  • The ecommerce solution can connect to the existing CJ’s manage system, like customer management system, promotion campaign management system, inventory management system, store management system, TV shopping management system, financial management system and order management system with large of database.
  • Consistentcy to the long-term development of the business. Emphasis CJ Group brand name
  • Security all activities and information arising in ecommerce transaction Quality and stabilization


Ecommage is proud of to transfer the ecommerce solution to CJ Group which meets their strickly quality demand. This ecommerce solution also meets their flexibility requirement and fit to the long-term strategy of the business. The system has been operated smoothly and has gotten the positive feedback from customer.