Why we need to sync Magento & Netsuite into one system

Magento is the eCommerce software and platform used by the world’s leading brand and currently is the fastest growing E-commerce. Netsuite is the cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and E-commerce software.

Each platform has different strength and many people want to combine both systems. However, without a means of connecting Netsuite to Magento, the platforms will not able to communicate with one another, forcing users to do manual tasks including import and export. Here are some reasons that explain why integrating your Magento and Netsuite Platforms is necessary :
Easy to install and use
Our extension doesn’t have complicate technical background so user could easily configure and control the full system. The system will connect to Netsuite server and confirm if the login detail are correct after input the Netsuite credential and then click on the validate button.
Save time for input data
Totally, with features of both system, eCommerce Management become easily, smoothly for business company.
Our customers could easily manage their selling/payment on Magento system and manage their financial, accounting on Netsuite system.
Order & Invoices Management is simple
Our customers will feel convenient to manage order & invoices. It makes them not to waste time to input the detail for orders, shipping, payment, etc because each time the order Sync, it will match all the detail in the order in Netsuite.

The Complete System automatically updates inventory, products, order status, customer and shipping information. As orders are fulfilled in NetSuite they get updated on Magento and the customer can view and manage these orders with their updated status.
Save time for input data
All the attribute that is matched in the configuration will be sync accordingly and automatically. Imagining a company has 10,000 products, they can’t input all product data in Magento manually.

Product sync can be sheducled to meet your business needs. With our Netsuite, just a few clicks, our customers could input as many products as they want, even over 20,000 products at a time.
  • •  Your eCommerce business become more professional.
  • •  No need to worry about everything is “up to date”, all the data sync automatically for both system as soon as new data put in
  • •  Admin don’t need to manipulate many times with product data.
  • •  Shop owner will never be worried about messing data.
  • •  You can service your customers from Netsuite as well as they can view all information in Magento.


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