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Part 2: Models & Resource Models

Today’s post is going to cover a fair bit, so grab yourself a cuppa. We’ll be covering: Models Resource Models At the end of this post you will have successfully created your first Service Contract, along with your Model, and Resource Model. A lot of this will feel familiar from Magento 1.x. So don’t worry, […]

Part 1: Magento 2 Module Setup

If you’re here, then you are going to be just excited as I am about creating a full blown Magento 2 module from scratch! This part of the series I’ll be covering how to setup your module so that it can be installed via Composer. To install a module via Composer we’ll need to set […]

Magento 2 module from scratch – Introduction

Magento 2 is quickly becoming something us Magento developers need to learn pretty rapidly as we’ll soon be expected to start building our clients stores on the platform and building extensions. I wanted to take the opportunity to create a simple set of posts which will go over, at a bit of a high level, […]