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User Interface (UI) Design For Ecommerce Websites – A Guideline

User Interface (UI) design is often combined with the term User Experience or UX. Whatever the ecommerce website is about any sector, those terms always raise concern among business owners. Therefore, this article will broaden your knowledge about how to evaluate UI design for ecommerce websites. 1. What is User Interface (UI) design? User Interface […]

Enterprise expansion via innovative ecommerce websites 

Why is enterprise expansion crucial for the current market? Enterprise expansion is becoming more relevant. With the flourishing of international trade, more and more companies are working to become outstanding in their sectors. We can see that many enterprises set their offices in other continents, which boosts them to find new potential customer segmentations.  Under […]

Reasons That Businesses Need Ecommerce Websites

With the ever-evolving of the Internet and widespread usage of smartphones nowadays, people from all over the world frequently go shopping right at their homes just by surfing online shops. So, it allows enterprises to boost their products on the marketplace or their ecommerce websites. Compared to the marketplace, what is the need for ecommerce […]