Let's Connect Magento to AKENEO

Let's Connect Magento to AKENEO

What is AKENEO PIM ?

The Product Information Management (PIM) system centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing and technical information for product listings and catalogs. Marketing software has become the backbone of Digital Marketing strategy and management for e-commerce retailers and brick and mortar stores.

With a heavy focus on big data, omni-channel distribution and evolving consumer focus- organizational and data management software is more and more crucial for advertisers and sellers.

Product Information Management Systems (PIMs) have evolved alongside retail and present themselves as a useful tool for businesses both on and offline.


Is PIM right for you?

  • Do you manage or plan to manage a high SKU number?
  • Do you have several people who manage product data?
  • Do you have redundant product setup process?
  • Do you collect product information from several sources?
  • Is your product data hard to manage?

Benefits of using PIM

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  • up to 23 %
  • up to 15 % - 50 %
  • up to 400 %
  • up to 27 %

Functions of PIM


  • Collect data from many sources
  • Data versioning
  • Industry standards / classification
  • Enrich and control the quality of data
  • Digital asset management
  • Spread data to multiple channels